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PROPLANET aims to substitute the existing PFAS-type coatings, by designing and optimising 3 innovative solutions

Hydrophobic, oleophobic bio-based coating

Non-stick and anticorrosion protection bio-based hybrid coating, and

Anti-soiling (AS) anti-reflecting (AR) hybrid coating

The developed coatings find industrial applications in

Technical Textile
Food-packaging Machinery
Low Maintenance Glass

Novel coating materials solutions will tackle the problem from a sustainable-business perspective, enabling overcoming the barrier for environmental protection, safety, chemical improvements, and circular value chains. All coatings are designed based on Safety and Sustainability by design (SSbD) concepts and optimised with mathematical computational tools. Moreover, replication studies through the aid of the PROPLANET Replication tool based on datadriven algorithms and multiobjective optimization (MO) will promote the integration of the novel coatings on different applications, supporting their route to market, operating at different conditions, and following an Eco-design thinking.