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Our mission is to tackle current challenges in coatings industries

Followingly you may find the PROPLANET major expected impacts

A set of multi-scale computational tools

In silico, fate environmental, data-driven algorithms and MO tools fed by the sustainability analysis layer (LCA studies etc.) to create a perfect combination and integration of tools to support the SSbD of the 3 PROPLANET coating


3 new SSbD coatings

Assessed for their performance, human and environmental hazards, carbon and water footprints, recovery and recyclability and overall environmental impact


Development of SSbD criteria and principles

Criteria and methodologies for SSbD will be mapped employing existing LCA studies, gap analysis and research/skills to elaborate a roadmap. Similar initiatives promoted by the EC, regulators or other national bodies will be engaged


Enhance the social acceptance

Use appropriate channels to ensure wider reach and one-to-one communication. Several streaming events will be orgnanised to engage citizens, promote open dialogues, and exchange information related to the PFAS sources and effects of targeted chemicals


Certification programme (or equivalents)

Key quantitative (LCA based) and qualitative data will be used to demonstrate the conformity of PROPLANET products with regards to the sustainability criteria and part of a circular economy approach


Standardisation process and roadmap

PROPLANET will fully address the standardization potential of the end products by involving all partners to facilitate the market acceptance of developed solutions. Interaction with the related standardisation technical committees will also take place

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