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Mathematical Tools

Computational tools to be used for supporting SSbD of materials

Mathematical modelling has proven to be a powerful tool to simulate and solve real systems within a variety of natures.

Currently, it is common practice that toxicological analyses are performed involving living animals. However, in vitro assessments combined with fate environmental models, have the potential to replace animal procedures. Therefore, modelling and optimisation by design, combined with AI techniques should be the basis of every manufacturing process. To this end the following computational tools are going to be developed and used under PROPLANET, aiming to address at the same time the challenges faced in almost any modelling process, related to lack of data, unevaluated data, inadequate metadata (characterisation of data source, test methods, test conditions, lack of standardisation of data structures etc.

Innovative Characterisation, Standardisation, and Certification

In PROPLANET, a series of characterisation procedures will be carried out to ensure all regulatory requirements are met. Moreover, the computational tools designed within the project aim to support the characterisation activities to optimise the design. PROPLANET will therefore develop a fully detailed roadmap to ensure all the results meet the criteria of the latest standards and regulations, aiming for product development and upscaling from TRL3 to TRL5. Furthermore, the project will screen and list a set of environmental certifications, in order to establish a framework to enable a self-declaration that ensures that high sustainability criteria are followed.