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Our Team


IDENER R&D is a Spanish private research organisation with expertise in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Science that will ensure proper inputs to the models and accurate data gathering of results.


AITEX is Spain's leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services for the textile, garment and technical textile industries.


EXELISIS is an SME located in Greece, with a large experience in providing solution for exploitation and marketing activities concerning innovative products and research-based results.


TECNALIA’s surface engineering department is developing coating and surface modification processes, specifically for each industrial need, as well as characterisation facilities.


HOLOSS will provide the social science and humanities activities within the project, including social studies and gender neutrality of results, as well as sustainability analysis and circularity studies.


NIC has vast expertise in the formulation and synthesis of bio-composites innovative coatings and characterisation techniques.


NILU is an independent, nonprofit research that aims to create sustainable development through internationally leading climate and environmental research.

Nova Mechanics

NOVA Mechanics is an SME dedicated to the development of novel algorithms and platforms with cheminformatics & nanoi-nformatics excellence.


PILKINGTON is amongst the leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems in three major business areas: Architectural Glass Products, Automotive and Technical Glass.


REEPACK SRL is a manufacturer of packaging machinery and lines, mostly for food sector, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial components.

RINA Consulting

RINA is a company committed to simplifying complexities with a focus on energy transition, sustainability and digitization. Their expertise in first-principles-based models and simulations to evaluate the performance are in the focus of the project.


Ruka Innovation is a producer of antiviral & anti-microbial protective plastic films with expertise in standardization protocols and roadmaps.


The University of Malaga is a leading Spanish University and the team working under PROPLANET has worked deeply in mathematical models’ simulation and multidisciplinary design optimisation.